Sketchup for Schools - Error 502

We have the app installed through our Google Admin Console, but notice now has a warning triangle for an icon instead of the Sketchup Logo. Also when we click the Menu icon >> More >> in Drive and click Sketchup for Schools (which has the warning logo icon), it gives us an Error 502 here

We’ve been on Online Chat with Google and they say it’s a problem with your API and can’t help more than that. Does that help from your end?

Going into Drive and clicking New >> More >> Sketchup does let us in, but it just seems to be the direct menu link and icon that isn’t working.

Best wishes,


@jwebber thanks for reporting this issue; we are looking into it.

@jwebber this should be fixed now. Can you check and confirm that you are able to launch SketchUp for Schools from the navigation menu?