Sketchup for iPad announcement

Probably just me but I wonder if anyone else finds this header announcement a little weird without date attached:

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of our SketchUp for iPad BETA program! We’re excited to get an early version of this long-awaited product into your hands, see what you do with it, and hear from you about the things you love and the things you don’t. Feedback is an essential component of our product roadmap and development processes and we can’t wait for you to be a part of SketchUp’s mobile future.

It seems like everyday since it was first posted has been “today”. But it’s been there for weeks!

You were misunderstood it. They already launched the beta program, you have to apply for it to try.
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(However - reading other topic - it takes some time to accept your request, because they are somewhat manually register all user who requested for…)

…or maybe I misunderstood you…
Where do you see / finds this header announcement? If I go to I just see this:

I found the close button yesterday (x in the top right corner). I don’t use any Apple products.

At the top of every thread and list of threads. But I hadn’t spotted the X that allows you to close it, as @Anssi has pointed out.

Mind you, it’s not so much that I find it annoying, more that it seems odd to have something like that pinned when it doesn’t actually refer to what happened today (but what was actually announced several weeks back).

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