Sketchup Files not showing up?

I have been using the free version of Sketchup on my browser and it has autosaved everyday, but today when I logged into my account my recent files were all missing. It says it’s loading the file and then after a while it stops and says “welcome to Sketchup start modeling” as if I’ve never done anything in the program before. Could this be a glitch or are my autosaves just gone. I sadly made the mistake of not saving it manually, but is there a way the autosaves could be found?

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If the file had never been saved manually it could be gone. You need to save manually at least once to give it a name.

The most common reason that files don’t show up for SketchUp Web users is they are signing in with a different e-mail address than they were using before.

Same for some other people. More in this other thread: SketchUp not loading projects - #4 by MikeWayzovski

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