Sketchup file keeps resizing when exported as CAD or PDF

I keep trying to export both pdf and cad files from my layout program and the scene is resizing, I’ve read the forms but still can not figure it out for the life of me

COPOW.layout (963.3 KB)

COPOW.skp (928.2 KB)

What do you mean by “resizing”?

First thing I notice about your viewport in LayOut is that you are using the Last saved SketchUp view as the scene and the camera is not set to Parallel Projection (ortho) so you can’t set an eactual scale.
Screenshot - 1_11_2024 , 5_03_22 PM
The embedded SketchUp file does have a scene that has the camera set to Parallel Projection. Unlock your viewport, select that scene, and Reset the Camera properties. Then you can set a scale.
Screenshot - 1_11_2024 , 5_05_28 PM
You’ll have to redo the text and drawing entites you added in LayOut but that’s the risk of adding that stuff before you have the viewport set up correctly.

Here is what it looks like when I export it

Originally I had “scene 1” and had it saved that way, however it was producing the same result. So I just deleted that view and tried the “last saved scene” to see if it did anything different

So if I understand correctly,

Step 1, go into SketchUp and create new scene (scene 2)

Step 2, set camera to “top” view and “parallel projection” and save that scene

Step 3, update in layout

Step 4, re-mark the drawing

(I’m certain I had scene 1 set up this way already because I’ve had this issue before and am aware of how important the initial scene set up is, but perhaps I made a mistake, it happens)
COPOW Lighting Sheet.pdf (211.3 KB)

When I opened the SketchUp file embedded in the LayOut file you already have that scene. All I did was choose it in the SketchUp Model panel and Reset the Camera properties for the viewport so it would use the scene’s camera properties.

You did but for some reason you chose to use the Lat save SketchUp view instead.

YES!!! It’s working!!! Thank you!

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I’m thinking you believe your saving changes to scenes by saving the SU FILE. Changes made to scenes previously created need to be UPDATED by right clicking on the Scene Tab and selecting UPDATE

Always save your SU file when making changes as LAYOUT looks for the last saved file. If LO is set to auto update it does so with the last SU file.