Sketchup file failed to open document

Guys, need some help. After I saved my file then try opening it.
Sketchup is not opening the file. It is showing “Failed to open document”

@colin please if possible for you to check

You gave as a source a file of 600 MB in .ai format (Adobe Illustrator). Are you trying to open it with SketchUp?

sorry it was wrong upload please discard. This is the correct file

My usually ways of recovering the file didn’t work. I have asked a developer to take a look, but that may not happen until Monday.

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The developer was able to recover the file.

You might find it useful to purge unused stuff from your file. There’s quite a lot of it.
Screenshot - 6_26_2023 , 8_30_43 AM
Some reversed faces that should be corrected, too.

Here’s the purged file. About 72% file reduction.
design project purged.skp (8.2 MB)

what a relief! Thank you Dave this is helpful

just some feedback. This is my first experience since my upgrade to 2023 version last week.