Sketchup failed to open document!

can’t open it.

do you have the .skb file too somewhere ? it’s the backup file.

About half the file is filled with 0. a file is like a book, if halfway through you only have blank pages, the book looks complete but the story isn’t.
same with your file, it’s big, but 40+ % blank pages.

We can try the skb, and later Colin can have a look to see if he can recover anything, but meanwhile, I’d advise you to start again from whatever you have.

also, make versions. don’t work on one file, from time to time, make a copy for safekeeping. that way if your file gets corrupted, you won’t loose everything, only the last modifications.

hi i also have a sketchup drawing that cant be open. “failed to open documents”

please help

your file is filled 50% with zeroes.

also, interesting thing, your profile says you’re using sketchup free 2024, which doesn’t exist.
but the file’s header says it’s 21.1

cracked version ? not a parangon of stability

its not crack may sketchup have clasic license year 2021 legitimate
i only try it now with free trial of 2024 but still i cant open it.

yes. because…

maybe colin can manage to extract something out of it. but waiting for it, you should restart with haste, and make copies / versions of your work as you go.

I can’t fix the files either.

ok thank you for trying.

i will just do the drawing again