Sketchup failed to open document error

Excessive nesting will add some to file size but it’s not usually the major factor in flie bloat. Excessive nesting just makes it more difficult to work with the object. There is a place for nesting but many users do too much of it in my opinion.

The main contributors to file bloat are overly detailed objects. hoarding unneeded stuff in the file, and huge hi res texture images. Go back through this thread and note the screenshots showing the problems found with the models that failed to open for folks. The thing it seems many folks fail to do is take a look at the larger picture of what they need out of their model. They wind up investing in details that don’t add anything useful to what they are trying to communicate. Often they include details that will never been seen. (No point putting fancy legs under a bed that has a duvet draped over it that totally hides them.)

The 3D Warehouse is a valuable resource of assets for many users but those users need to be discerning in what they choose to download from there. The general wisdom for using objects from the 3DWH in your own projects is to be a smart shopper. Here’s an example from the Warehouse after searching for “bed”.

The first one clearly communicates that it’s a bed and adds less than half a meg to your project. The second one looks nice but it’s quite heavy in the polygon count and the file size is more than 36 times larger than the first. Does it add 36 times more value? The Kelly-Bed is a wee bit lighter in file size although a higher polygon count than bed+7 but with it you get a more interesting looking bed and side tables to boot.

You also need to look closely at the other details provided by the Warehouse. This is for the Kelly-Bed.

For me the Bounds and Distance from Origin raised red flags when I saw them. Following the advice to download components from the Warehouse into a separate file to check them out is always wise. This is what you get when you download it. I added the dimensions and bounding box.

Might be appropriate if you’re modeling a castle at the top of a beanstalk but for most houses probably not. If this bed were going to be used in a normal living space it would first need to be scaled down. Do you invest the time to make the component usable in your model or do you continue shopping or do as you did and just make your own? You have to make that call.

Anyway, learn to keep your files under control and keep them tidy as you go. It’ll save you all sorts of headaches.


It’s kind of crazy how OTT some things get. To be fair, that small object has a lot of asymmetry, so it wasn’t simply a case of the maker flipping halves. Still it was crazy heavy for what it was.

Sometimes I’m happy to only be using SU for a single one-off project. Then again, if I was constantly using SU professionally I’d probably be a lot better at it! :sweat_smile:

Good Evening this is work project my team mate made and i hope u can find a fix for it. the problem is /failed to open document/ on SketchUp 2021. its really urgent. thank you soo much before hand.
house of walid

Is your profile correct that you are using SketchUp Free?

i corrected it we using Sketchup Pro

An important bit of data is missing from the file. I’ve asked developers to take a look, but I know they weren’t able to recover anything from the last file I sent that had the same problem.

@colin Hi, sorry to bother you, could you please recover my file, i tried to rename my skb file because the skp file disappear, i dont remember deleting them, but after i installed the sketchup pro, it got deleted. Please help me, do you know how to send tghe file, because i cant send it here, its too big

Upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

Ive had a Failed to Open Document problem. Im not a tech-savy person but i was wondering if i can save an old file I had. Since I have it saving every other minute. Help would be appreciated. Thank you!

@colin I’m having the same issue. “Failed to open document” error and changing .skb to .skp won’t do the work. Can you please help me with my file? WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

About a quarter of both files are filled with zeros. Don’t know what causes that, but I can’t recover anything from the files.

Ok thanks for checking, Colin. Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

Hi there!

I am having the same issues with my model. I am kindly urging for some help to recover my file back. I have attached the links below, would anyone be able to help me please?

Thank you in advance for any help rendered!!

Please don’t post two and three times the same problem. It’s not going to help you faster.