Sketchup failed to open document error

I fixed the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 1_24_2023 , 3_54_53 AM

And purged the unused stuff in your file…
Screenshot - 1_24_2023 , 3_57_49 AM
(Why are you hoarding all those components?)

There are loads of excessively oversized materials. I resized about 60 of them. All of that reduced the file size by 71% but it’s still a ridiculously large file for what it shows.

Many of the materials shouldn’t be textures at all. They are just plain colors. Others really shouldn’t be there at all because they can’t actually be seen in the model space. There are a number of components that could stand to be cleaned up more.

Most of your walls and many other surfaces are incorrectly oriented. There should be no exposed blue back faces. Applying materials to them is not the fix. You should reverse the faces so their white front faces are out.

Here’s the file. It still needs a lot of help. Don’t add any more to it until you clean up the obese components and fix the face orientations or you’ll be back in the same situation with an unusable model.

Thank you so much. will do the clean up right now! thank you!

@DaveR Hi, I had a doubt.
you told me you resized many of the materials used; like about 60 of them. How do I do that?
And what all can I do to clean up the file and reduce file size?

I guess he did it with Extension:
Search material resizer | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Window>>Model Info>> Statistic >> Purge Unused

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You have a 832 MB file with 16 millions edges, you need to be patient, the file will open. And you have to learn not to insert everything you find in 3D Warehouse into your model. At least look for low-poly models or better, create them yourself as light as possible.

And it could help you to have only one or two tags on when you work or before you close your file.

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@mihai is correct.

After fixing incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 1_28_2023 , 6_58_00 AM
… purging unused stuff …
Screenshot - 1_28_2023 , 7_03_13 AM
… twice …
Screenshot - 1_28_2023 , 7_10_26 AM
… and resizing 71 excessively large materials, file size is reduced by 55%. It’s still huge and needs more cleaning. There are still a lot of edges and faces that need to be cleaned up.
Screenshot - 1_28_2023 , 7_13_42 AM

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Thank you for the revert. Will do the needful

thank you, will keep them in mind.

I am undergoing the same issue, i cant open my file, as the prompt says, Failed to Open Document.

Considering the size of your SketchUp file, it’s not surprising that your computer would choke on it. I opened it but it took long enough that I was able to go make a pot of coffee while I waited.

I fixed incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 3_4_2023 , 6_57_18 AM
… purged unused stuff …
Screenshot - 3_4_2023 , 6_59_20 AM
… and reduced the size of about 180 excessively large materials. Many of those materials appear to be images for the spines of DVD boxes and/or books. Unless your model is all about those DVD boxes, those materials could be replaced with colors which would reduce the file size even more.

All of that reduced the size of the file by about 38%.

I would also suggest that you keep your model closer to the origin.

You are hoarding a lot of unused stuff in your model and you have many excessively detailed components. Even after getting rid of the unused stuff the file is still quite large. You need to go through the model and either replace the overly detailed entourage with lighter components or eliminate them altogether. If you don’t you’re going to have the same problem again.

Edited to add the link: Dropbox - BMR-WIP-CD-01-20230304 purged.skp - Simplify your life

Thank You Soooo much Dave, you saved the day for me. i really appreciate your effort. also, can you specify you computer specs?

The important stuff is shown in my profile.

I’m having the exact same issue. Did you find a fix?
the file is very important to me please help

If you share the file so we can take a look at it maybe we can give you a fix.

the file does not open at all and its size is too large.

how can i send you the file ? Thanks for your answer

Upload the file to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

Love the work you guys put into cleaning up bloated files for people. Very nice of you!

@DaveR, what do you use to resize textures?

Have you tried using something like skimp to drop the size of components? (Maybe the posters wouldn’t like how they look and thats why you don’t.)


I use an extension called Material Resizer to do that.

I did do a trial run of Skimp. It’s very good for reducing entity counts in models. I don’t need it for my own modeling because I keep control over them as I go. I don’t ever use components from the 3D Warehouse in my own models because I find they are more work to make usable than they are worth. I prefer to create my own components instead. And I can’t justify paying for the subscription to Skimp to reduce components for others when I’m doing it for free.


I have posted the main file and the skb file. but the skb file looks like skp. Thank you for your help… WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I’m waiting for it to open.

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