Sketchup failed to open document error

You need to give access to the file.

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sry la…here’s my file…

hello can u help me pls? I have same issue
here is my file

Stop it, stop spamming the forum with multiple posts. You have posted in four threads!!
One is enough and some patience!


sry…i don’t know
…this is my first time trying in this forum

I didn’t check your other posts yet, but that file is about 25% filled with zeros. It can’t really be recovered. Did you have an SKB file in the same folder?

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yes,this is my skb file

That one isn’t quite as filled with zeros, but still can’t get anything from it.

hi can you help me recover my file. getting an error “FAILED TO OPEN A DOCUMENT”

it will be greatly appreciated if you guys can help me.
thank you in advance.

A file that is 386mb is always going to be a problem.

The last part of the file has zeros in it, overwriting some important information. Do you have the SKB backup file in the same folder?

no, I dont have the skb backup file.