Sketchup failed to open document error

That’s probably where your problem comes from.

I tried making an account for both, I got confused with wetransfer because it asked me what email i want to share the file with and im waiting on dropbox to upload my file.

Let me know if this works

It doesn’t look promising. It appears to be about 25% filled with zeroes. Maybe @colin will be able to do something with it but don’t hold your breath.

I am still new to sketchup and 3d softwares in general could you explain to me what else I should be looking out for while working with these programs?

There’s quite a lot. One thing that seems to cause users big problems is working on files that are saved to external memory like USB sticks or USB drives.

I expected if I’d been able to open your file to see a lot of unused components that had been downloaded from the 3D Warehouse along with unused materials that came with those components. That seems to be a common new-user thing. It’s important to keep your files clean and streamlined. That helps in performance and it also helps withsaving.

If you haven’t done so you should go through the training materials available at

Thanks, I will take that into account moving foward

As Dave says, significant chunks are filled with zeros, I couldn’t get anything out of the file.

Hi Colin, i’ve checked the file. Well i have to rebuild it, thank you for your time Dave and Colin

I am also having the issue of not opening the file suddenly in 2021 version what to do please help

The first thing, as for everyone else in this long thread, share the file so we can possibly help you.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp for Schools which is the web version for school children. That would NOT be SketchUp 2021.

Why are you using SketchUp 2021? The current version for students in upper levels of education would be SketchUp 2023. Maybe you are using a cracked version?

What operating system? “2021” is not the answer to that question. What graphics card? “Core I7 8th gen gaming laptop” does not identify the graphics card. Fix your forum profile so it accurately reflects the SketchUp version and your computer’s operating system and graphics card.

Please can someone help. The file size is too big, I can’t open it.

This is a very urgent file for me, please help.

This is a weird model. Are you using a cracked version of SketchUp 2021?

I had no problem opening the file, but it is insanely big, with more than 13 million edges and 7 million faces. Purging unused and reducing the size of the zillion large texture images to 512 pixels reduced the file size from about 870 MB to about 360 MB but did nothing to reduce the slowness that is due to all the insane embellishment elements (clothes in cupboards etc…) that you have hoarded from the 3D Warehouse. Get rid of those, and make simpler versions yourself.
Here’s the purged file: cahit yetkili YATAK ODASI 3B.skp - Google Drive
I’ll keep it available for a short while.

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Thank you very much. I realize the file is full of unnecessary stuff. I will clean them all immediately. Thank you very much

Since you sent me a PM asking for my help I looked at your file and did my typical cleaning. Anssi seems to have you sorted out but here’s what I found.

Incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 1_9_2024 , 2_19_19 PM
Hoarding of components and materials like Anssi wrote.
Screenshot - 1_9_2024 , 2_23_31 PM

Absolutely ridiculous material image sizes. No reason for a nearly twelve thousand pixel wide texture image for a book cover.

There are numerous materials that don’t need to be textures. Simple colors would work just as well. And there seem to be a lot of materials applied to stuff like the clothes in the cupboards that don’t need to be there. The clothes don’t need to even exist.

My cleanup has reduced the file size by 60%, a little more reduction than Anssi’s but since you have his I won’t bother to upload it anywhere.

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Thank you very much for all your information. I am grateful to you :pray:

Can someone please help recover sketchup project? Im getting no response to my problem ;( Im getting realy fustrated because I have to finish my project but I have no backup file for this, can someone advise what to do with that sketchup project file? Please! Failed files - Google Drive

your file won’t open, SU says it’s either incomplete or missing, I tried both versions.

When compressing it, the weight barely moves, it tends to mean there are a lot of zeroes inside the file.
maybe @colin can recover some things, we’ll see. it’s about 4am in colorado right now.