SketchUp export to AutoCAD - giant spheres

I am exporting my SketchUp file to AutoCAD and I am getting these giant spheres in the AutoCAD export that are not in the SketchUp file. Any ideas? Has anyone else had this problem?


natively created in SU or already imported stuff from e.g. the 3D Warehouse or via DXF/DWG?

switch on all layers, unhide everything, do a zoom all, anything?

try if exploding groups/componentes for the export only (don’t save) helps.

Thanks - I did manage to figure out my problem. There were apples in my project that were apparently maybe created in a different program and when they were exported to AutoCAD they became larger than my project. it was very frustrating but I did figure it out and deleted all the apples and the export worked as expected. Thanks for your input

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