Sketchup Education SIGN IN ISSUES

Hi again everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. I am just here to circle back around and see if any of you are still having issues. If you are still having issues please let me know so I can get you started with the right support process. @Tori_SU is back this week and we are both eager to get things resolved for as many of you as possible.

I tried clearing Cachet and turning off the pop up and nothing. We literally sit in a row of 20 students and try everything, laptop, desktop, macc, PC. Why is it that it works on my domain but not the students domain @nycstudentsnet . The process is frustrating, anyway you can call me?

No solutions! I am so frustrated …is there anything else we can do can you call me 646-207-9785

Hi @ksadelski I just pinged the servers and manually verified everything is working on our end. I also have manually checked our database and have verified that the domain you listed in your posts is indeed in our database exactly as you typed it.

This indicates that a setting somewhere on your end must be causing the issue. The reason it is working on your domain is most likely because the domains have different settings on their privacy settings or the student domain may have an overzealous firewall to keep students safe and it is grabbing some of the info our app needs. I am trying to get a developer to assist us on this and so is @Tori_SU. Keep an eye on your private messages as we will swap over to those when the time comes.

Hi @CaseyG can you help me with the same problem. I already registered my e-mail When I try to log in into the application, a buckle start. ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT PLACE, I click on Sign in as Alejandro, then continue and then once again ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT PLACE. I really appreciate your collaboration with the matter. It’s the first time that I try to use this on-line version. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Alejandro21, thanks for the post. Your profile indicates that you are using a studio plan. If that is correct, you are posting in the wrong place. Try starting a general thread next time as this thread is dedicated to SketchUp for Schools. SketchUp for Schools is our k-12 version for kids and teenagers. If you are using the studio plan you should be able to access our official customer support if you have issues with your license.

Could you clarify for me the domain for your students? I see both and nycstudentsnet (without the period) and I want to make sure that we’ve transcribed it correctly.

In your admin portal, are you able to verify that the configuration settings for both of your domains is the same? You should be able to access these settings from the main page as shown below on the right under “App access control”. Settings can be differentiated across both domains and age groups, and this tab will allow you to verify that all of your users have app allowed.