Sketchup does not allow to format/position texture


first of all how to enter texture view form othe menu in sketchup if selecting different views of the surface does not display this with the right click? is this a common failure in this software?
then how to format the tile 75 high 30 cm wide. sketchup does not allow to format this, makes incorect dosplay. see attachements.

You only get the context menu item ‘texture’ if you select a single face. You can then orient the texture and paint it on the rest of the faces.

You also need to have a texture applied to have the “texture” dialog to appear on the context menu.
This needs to be an image texture and not a colour material or the “default” material.

In that 3rd image if you apply a texture to the face OR choose “make unique texture” which will generate a plain white image texture, then the option will appear for you.