Sketchup Deletes Data when exporting

I was working on a model using sketchup 2019 version mac, I exported the model using
export > export 3d model… > file format .3ds or VRML (.wrl) and chose desktop as place.
when it exported my work which was already there on desktop got erased, it wasnt even there anymore all of a sudden, not even in the trash. First I though it happened because of my recent update to macOS Mojave, so I downgraded my mac to Sierra and reinstalled all the softwares, after catching up I exported the model and the same thing happened again.

I thought about it and I realised that when I exported the model to desktop on the first try, only my desktop data got erased, on the second time I changed the location to downloads and guess what ? Download folder got erased!

Here is a video in action showing the process.

This is a bug in sketchup pro for the following settings, I lost my data which cannot be recovered.
This doesn’t happen if the .3ds file and VRML (.wrl) File is to be saved in a folder an dnot on the main directory like desktop, documents, downloads, basically every other folder which is there in the sidebar in finder.