SketchUp crashing when trying to create a 3D object by pulling it

I am trying to add depth to an object, but sketchup stops working when defining how thick the object needs to be.
I was pretty sure it would be able to handle it, but apparently not.
My computer isn’t running out of RAM, and before pressing enter to define the thickness, the object renders correctly on screen.

How can I get the model to actually do what I want, without it crashing? :frowning:

There is only one layer, the sketchup file is 4741KB big.

here is the object in question. All I am trying to do is make it 2mm thick.

Select it, make it a component.
Insert another instance some way off to the side.
Scale that instance up 1000x.
Double click it to enter the component definition edit context.
Do the push pull, moving up or down a bit, let go of the mouse and type 2, then ENTER.
(Assuming here you have model units set to mm.)
Delete the scaled up instance.
The original instance at true scale should be 2mm thick.

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