Sketchup crashing when closing files

I open windows as I need them and I close them when I’m done with them. Sketchup crashes frequently. My colleague leaves his windows open all the time and Sketchup never crashes for him.

Yesterday I decided to try his approach, I left all my windows open, and Sketchup didn’t crash after that. What is happening.

ALSO, how do I open a file as read-only? Sometimes that happens accidentally but I’d like to do it on purpose.


Extensions running? (SU Podium)

Oh interesting question.

Advanced Camera Tools
Bezier Curves through points
Bezier Tool
Dynamic Components
Make Unique Plus
Sandbox Tools
Solid Inspector 2

I have the same problem and yes Podium is running what should I do?

Open the same file twice at once.

Extension Manager>Disable Podium.

Unless you need it, in which case I’ll leave it to Jack @MikeWayzovski