Sketchup crashing on start

My IT department just changed out my computer. I had to reload Sketchup 2017 pro, but it SPLATS without starting. I am not sure of all the hardware on this computer, but I have 64 bit Windows 7 sp1, 8 GB ram, Intel Core i5-4590 CPU 3.3 GHz. I believe that I only have an Intel HD Graphics 4600, which was the only one listed

I’d say, in answer to your unasked question, if sketchup is an integral part if your work your IT department should be replaced.

However. Try updating your graphic card driver to begin with. Mind you that is something normally reserved for IT.

In addition to the recommendations by @Box, you should request that your IT dept. also reveal what other integrated graphics adapter may coexist. The Intel HD 4600 is an integrated graphics adapter. These integrated adapters often have resulted in some uncomfortable experiences for users and sometimes have been addressed by having SU use the other adapter in lieu of the one identified by the hardware supplier.

I once received for testng, from our own IT, a HP laptop that only showed an Intel HD chip because nobody had bothered to install the drivers for the AMD adapter that was sitting totally idle.

It might also pay to update the Intel drivers, as quite many people are using SketchUp with newer Intel chips successfully.

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