SketchUp crashing, can't save file

How long is ‘a long time’? I’ve worked on a 210MB model, and it takes around a minute to open on a fast iMac with i5 3.3GHz Intel chip and 24GB RAM.

What processor chip does your Windows machine use, and how much RAM have you? If not a lot of RAM, it may be doing almost endless swapping out to disk, which will make it VERY VERY slow even to load the model.

And Radeon graphics processors don’t have the best support for Open GL

It’s possible your machine is just overwhelmed by the file size and/or number of edges in your model, especially if you have imported a lot of overdetailed models. See a previous thread about simplifying 3Dwarehouse models that have insane numbers of edges for use as sub-models.

Could you upload your model to the 3Dwarehouse and provide a link here, and I’ll see if I can load it on my machine without freezing indefinitely?