SketchUp Crashes when iPhone rings

I am using SketchUp Pro on Mac Ventura (MacOS 13.2.1) using a MacBook Pro (2018, Intel i9). I have things set up so that my iPhone rings through on my MacBook Pro so I can answer it without delay while I work on SketchUp. Since updating to Ventura, when the iPhone rings, SketchUp Crashes. I have Auto-Save on doing 5 minute saves, so I don’t loose too much … but it is breaking my flow.
Anyone else have this issue?

Does it happen with SketchUp 2023, too? (Your profile says you are using SU2022.)

I am waiting for version 2023.1 to drop before I jump on the update train.

Understood. SketchUp 2022 doesn’t support MacOS 13 and at this point SU2022 is not likely to get any bug fixes.

I tried testing this by calling myself from Skype. It connects straight to voicemail, my Macs don’t get a chance to answer. I will leave SketchUp running in the hope that someone calls me, or I will ask colleagues to call me when I see them later in the week.

I realized it was because I had Skype set up to show my mobile number as Caller ID. When I turned that off I could answer my call on my Mac. SketchUp seemed unfazed by that.

If you get bugsplats, can you send one in?

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