Sketchup crashes every few minutes

@bill_ruggirello, send me your plugin list, with versions.

those marked New were not present when problem started.
those marked with ? may or may not have been there.
Engineering Toolbox – new
Extrude tools – new
Fredo6 LibFredo6 - ?
Fredo6 Curviloft – new
Fredo6 JointPushPull – ?
Frdo6 Round Corners - new
Simlab STL importer
Dynamic components - ?
Sandbox tools - ?
Photo Textures - ?
TT_Lib2 - ?
Component replacer - ?
Solid inspector2
Vertex tools - new

Other than that I have no idea about versions. I can’t even figure out how to load 1 at a time. When I try they all load.
disabling isn’t very definitive.

[quote=“bill_ruggirello, post:44, topic:6668, full:true”]Other than that I have no idea about versions. I can’t even figure out how to load 1 at a time. When I try they all load.
disabling isn’t very definitive.[/quote]

“Window > Preferences > Extensions…”

Window|SketchUp*** > Preferences > Extensions [tab]
*** Note that is accessed differently on PC | MAC
This gives an outline of the tool and its version etc…

If you deactivate [aka disable] an Extension it still remains loaded until you next restart SketchUp.
When SketchUp restarts any activated [aka enabled] Extensions will automatically load, BUT any deactivated [aka disabled] Extensions are not loaded.
If you activate [aka enable] an Extension, then it is loaded immediately and it remains loaded every time SketchUp restarts, until you choose to deactivate [aka disable] it again…
You have relatively few Extensions, so deactivating ‘by-halves’, restart, see if it improves, halving the half etc, is a quick way to zero in on a culprit.
You have 15, leave 8 active, if the problem persists it’s within those 8, so disable 4 and leave 4 active, if the problem persists it’s within those 4, so leave 2 of those active, if problem persists it’s in those 2, so leave 1 of those active, if problem persists that one is the culprit, if problem stops it’s the other one you disabled - swap them over and restart - if the problem recurs you have the culprit: if at any step you restart and the problem stops, then you know the current active ones are all good, so now start testing the recently disabled ones in halves, since the problem one is now going to be in those…

However, many of the ones you have are pretty kosher and therefore unlikely to make waves…
So I would suggest you start of with disabling Vertex Tools - as it is in beta.
Also try disabling Engineering Toolbox and the Simlab STL importer, as these are less common plugins…
My own Extrude Tools are unlikely to do anything bad, and neither are su_'s own three or those by Fredo or Thomthom,


Believe me I know HOW to troubleshoot this. I have been thru all this and as I remember even when I had all ext disabled it still crashed, I found something, and I can’t locate it now, that let me UNINSTALL ALL extensions. After that it stopped crashing. I am currently using SU x64 ver 2.685 b/c the recommendation to upgrade to ver 3.331 created another issue with file locking.

When I went back to REINSTALL one ext at a time it reinstalled all of them. I asked the ? on how to install ONE at a time but never got an answer other than the ext whs stores my list and reinstalled all of them.

SO, what ext is still installed when ALL are deactivated and only goes away when I UNINSTALL ALL of them???

U say, MANY of what I have are kosher, so I should start with disabling VERTEX TOOLS because it is beta AND as I indicated in my list, IT WAS JUST LOADED (new) and not there when the issue started. SO it is logically, not the problem wouldn’t u say??

Based on all the above, I have more faith in justin’s answer that it is a bug in SU.

What Tig is telling you is on the money but you don’t seem to be getting the basics.

You only need to rename the plugin folder to something else to stop plugins loading.
Call it PluginsBob and nothing will load from that folder.
If something does load then you have other plugin folders that you need to find. I mentioned this way back regarding render plugins and such that use an .exe and install elsewhere.

Disabling an Extension is not the same as disabling a Plugin.
An Extension still loads some of its code, but not its main stuff which kicks in when you activate that Extension.
If you disable a Plugin it loads nothing at all.

Also some Plugins do NOT appear in the Extensions list.

I assume you have been disabling Extensions…

So it might be that you have some Plugin that is doing something untoward.

Can I suggest that you install this fine toolset - Plugin Store Download | SketchUcation
Install it from its RBZ…

As well has helping you install/update Plugins/Extensions, it has several ‘Managers’…
It has an enhanced Extensions Manager, AND you can use its Plugins Manager to fully disable vanilla Plugins - so if they did start to set up a disabled Extension they no longer do so…

You can also make ‘sets’ of enabled/disabled Plugins, so you can disable/enable blocks of them far more easily than manually moving files between folders…

The “justins” of the world are Joseph Heller fans. Great novelist, but he just a satirist poking fun at the way some people do things.

The all or none plugin installation nonsense is a red flag that “Something Happened”. It just tell us that something is not being done right regarding plugin management. People have full control over which plugins are included each time SU loads. No information has been provided here on how (and where) plugins have been installed.

People such as myself with over 140 loaded plugins and don’t experience the “problems” reported in this thread know that some key bits of info are missing.

Hi All, I’ve been having the same problem as Bill - constant crashing! I thought it was because my laptop was getting tired, so bought a fire-breathing new one, an Asus gaming laptop costing over GBP£1000 with 16GB of RAM. It’s a fabulous machine - but it hasn’t cured the Sketchup problem,…

Like Bill, I never had it with earlier versions of Sketchup. It started with Sketchup 14 and has continued. 99% of the time it’s when I’m using the Move or Push tools. I find if I linger in the middle of the action, it often caused a crash.

Like Bill, my ‘solution’ was to set Autosave and Backup to the shortest possible time, 1 minute. Then I could recover my work from the latest Autosave version and continue. But it was incredibly annoying!

After reading this thread, I did as Bill suggested: disable Autosave and Backup, and save manually. Hey presto, no crashes so far, two days now! It could be that you experts are right and that is just treating the symptom rather than the cause, which could be a plugin. But my concurrence with Bill’s findings would suggest that the Autosave function is somehow implicated as well, and could be more significant.

So please can the resident Sketchup gurus take that seriously and look into it, in relation to Move and Push actions.


Thx Brendan
Apparently, it is easier to blame plugins than fix the problem. Same with the locking issue in ver 3.
The crash issue appears to be that autosave does not like it when something is happening in the program - like a move (mostly) or other functions. (Move must take a long time so that it is more likely to be active when autosave tries to muscle in).
it may be a plugin that is aggravating this but the proposed solution for these experts would be to not use the plugin. If the SU ver update makes plugins “incompatible” then that is one issue. If SU breaks because of it then that seems to me to be an SU issue.

I currently have autosave set at 1 min and running:
Simlab STL importer
STL import & export = maybe one should be disabled or this is part of above??
Dynamic components
Sandbox tools
Photo textures
Solid Inspector 2

seems ok at this point.
I am about to add another. I thought I only added 2 - importer and solid inspector, but then the others appeared like automatically. Maybe they r part of SU. If so they should be fine.
I’ll let u know if I find something.

We are taking it dead serious. What makes you think we’re not? If you can recreate it with repeatable steps, do so. But we believe the steps likely involve a plugin in some state that causes this. Which likely means that we can’t fix it for you. If it’s a plugin we vetted (installed through our Extension Store, that we looked at and approves for your version of SketchUp), then I’d like know. But again, we can’t fix it. Chrome takes plugins. If I install Chrome plugins and it crashes, I don’t go to Google and complain, I uninstall the plugin, and maybe notify the person that wrote the plugin.


Do you also have extensions installed? If so, do you have a list as well?

Have you submitted the BugSplats? If so, did you enter any information in the reports that we can use to look them up? Then we can see if it crashes in the same location or if you have a different type of crash.

These are well known to us (me). I’d feel pretty sure they don’t cause crashes.

As Barry mentions, plugins might be causing crashes that we might not be able to fix. It’s a risk of having a plugin system - third party code might take down the host. And these are hard to track down and debug.

If the crash happen in our API layer, then we can fix it on our end - but we still need to reproduce the crash in house. Otherwise we’d be looking at millions of lines of code with no idea where to start.

These crashes are not something that happen on all machines, as otherwise we’d have a huge spike in our crash reports. But we do take crashes seriously and will try to assist the best we can. To do so we need to reliably determine sets of steps to reproduce and environment conditions in which the crash occurs.

Given that it appear to be related to some extension code - we need to determine which extension(s) will trigger this. Unfortunately it might mean doing a few rounds of eliminations as suggested by TIG and others. We need your help to help you.

I have found several bad interactions with plugins and SU over the years. Each time I provided specific information needed to fix the problem. That included a copy of the naughty plugin(s), reproducible steps and may include screen captures and animations, if needed. The problems were fixed.

We still don’t know which version of SU is being used and which version of the plugins are installed and where they came from. That’s sorta important. Not only is each version different, but SU14 introduced Ruby 2.0, an upgraded from Ruby 1.8 used in older versions of SU. And the Plugins directory was moved out of the Program Files directory and the Extension Warehouse was launched. With the Extension Warehouse, some plugins that shipped with SU are now downloaded through that venue.

Since SU14, shipped extensions include Sandbox, Dynamic Components, Web Textures, and Advanced Camera Tools. The big clue on which extensions came from the SU development team is the name of the folders and files in the Plugins directory. The folders and RB files are prefaced with su_ xxxx. If those four are removed from the Plugins directory, the program will repopulate the Plugins directory with copies that come with the program.

Providing general, vague list of complains/symptoms works with your auto mechanic because they get your car and find out what really is going wrong. That technique doesn’t work here.

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With the shipped extensions, check with the Extension Warehouse that you have the latest version installed and manage whether or not they load through Window > Preferences > Extensions.

OK–I loaded SUSOLID FREE 2.2 and it crashed almost immediately.
I opened a 65M file and started moving a part around. As soon as the autobackup kicked in the crashed. I have it set for 1 min.
The program goes into a waiting condition for a long time. When the autobackup file is created, it crashes. Both crash reports were sent at about 11:25PM 4/5/15.
That plugin is one of the ones I have had installed for a while - so it was high on the suspect list.
It does it with only a few plugins installed also -
dynamic components
advanced camera tools - not active as it isn’t pro.

With ALL plugins loaded except that one it is fine.

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For any SketchUp folk looking at the crash, it’s the same as the previous: a ruby call into undo, and then the crash. That extension is not in our extension store, so I’m not sure what it’s doing, nor which versions of SketchUp it’s been tested against. If others who have been getting this crash can comment (a) if they have this extension, we can narrow it down, or (b) if they don’t, perhaps there’s a coding pattern we can recognize in other extensions and identify them. Great detective work.

Thanks for your replies and ideas, all. Sketchup is a fantastic program and I really appreciate the pligins some of you have designed, as well as your input on the forums. I attach a screenshot of the plugins I have.

Re. suspicions about SuSolid, I have the licensed paid-for version and use it a LOT. I design in mm for 3D printing, and it, plus Cleanup and Solid Inspector are essential for ensuring my prints will come out well. Once my design goes purple in SuSolid (to signify no issues) I can virtually guarantee that when it’s put into the Makerbot software it will come out perfect in the Previewer and print great. Frankly I couldn’t do without it as I do a lot of 3D printing, so I’m not removing it… I’d rather stick with my manual saves and no autosave/backup, as that’s actually working for me right now - thanks Bill!

Regarding bugsplat reports, I have done them sometimes, but the crashing was happening so frequently it just seemed a waste of time, as I just wanted to restart and keep working. Also mostly Sketchup just crashed without warning, or went to a timer icon or black screen without the bugsplat box coming up, so I had to go to Task Manager and deactivate, then File Explorer and start the new Autosave version… What a pain in the proverbial! Thankfully not happening now.

My feeling is that the problem in recent Sketchup versions lies in some interaction between the Move tool and Autosave, but I’m not a techie type so have no real idea. I just know that Bill’s fix does work for now.

I emailed SUSOLID and got a response from David.
He is trying to duplicate the issue.
I loaded SU pro trial on my laptop and get the same result so it is
definitely in that PI and not in my computer.

Hopefully David will find it and get it fixed.


Some Plugins ill-advisedly add poorly-formed Observers - e.g. a Tools-Observer or Entities-Observer.
These can cause issues with native tools.
Observers are notoriously hard to configure safely - so I suspect that ‘culprit’ Plugin is doing something like that :confused:

I’m trying to reproduce this. Does it happen on all files? Or only this large one? If only this large one - could you send it to me?
Also, does the crash happen when the extension is in use? Or is it enough that it is installed?