SKETCHUP CRASH #117080 (v-ray rendering crush)

crush occurs when v-ray rendering of 100MB modeling files. i don’t know what reason

is it problem from macbook air M1 or v-ray 5?

*and is it impossiblem to use 3d text editor in M1 macbook? when i fix 3d text it’s gone even just when i add or delete one alpahbet and when i try add 3d text on 3d text editor always can see “no align” and “X” mark

2020 MAC BOOK AIR / M1 /16G RAM / 256GB SSD

Have you reached out to Chaos? If it is happening while rendering with V-Ray, they would be the ones to ask.

okay i will call to CAOS for ask this but can i get help about 3d text editor?

I bet someone on here can help you with that! You may want to change your original post and title, though, as it does not reference the 3D Text issue…

There is an issue with the last update to Vray 5. See my post here:

So far though I only saw one Mac case, but, in checking your bugsplat reports I can see the problem started with the Vray update. Going back to their previous version should fix the problem.

Here is the download page for the previous version: