Sketchup cannot load maps

Hi. Again the same problem.

What is the location? Your video’s resolution is so low it’s impossible to tell.

I will instal OBS to record the desktop.

No. I am sure.

I tried that region and had no problems from z=9 to z=18. Is your internet connection OK? Did you retry after fail? Can you do other areas in Poland OK?

It’s working fine here, too.

Your tile loading is slow, no matter where you go. 1. Go to a location and zoom level and WAIT. Let it load. If you’re on a slow network, be patient. 2. If after 2 minutes it doesn’t fill in tiles, quit SketchUp and try removing your WebCache directory (see the forums for how to do this), then restart and try. Slowly.

I did that last time I had this problem. It still didn’t work.

Now it is working. I did nothing. It unlocked itself. I don’t know why this happens.

Probably something to do with your internet connection or the service provider.

Google map works without problems.

YouTube, Netflix, PornHub also :grinning: