SketchUp Campus Accuracy Module: Line tool & entering multiple dimensions issue/question

Learning SketchUp, just started and going through the SketchUp Fundamentals package. I am on the Accuracy module and the tutor is using SketchUp Pro 2018 while I am using SketchUp Pro 2021. He is teaching how when you use the line tool you click, move, click…but before you click to complete your line you can enter a dimension and as long as you don’t select another tool or click to complete the line you can change your dimension multiple times. He changes it 3 times. The problem: when I follow along and try to enter the 3 set of dimensions my program will not allow it. It will only change the line length a second time but not a third time. In the video with SketchUp 2018 version it will let him change the line length 3 times…if not more. I was wondering if this is a feature they took away in the 2021 version of SketchUp Pro, if I am doing something wrong, or if there is a glitch in the program?

I tried this multiple times and on different days, but it seems to be working now only after I submitted my question/issue to the forum. Figures.