Sketchup bug with use of components


This is a major bug for me within Sketchup.

Copying a component from one SU file to another or from within 3D Warehouse makes SU jams every single time.
I can’t sign in in 3D Warehouse anymore.

I work on an Imac 10.10.2 OSX Yosemite.

Any help? Thanks!!!


If you can’t sign in, can you sign in on Safari? Can you sign in on a New Private Window in Safari (File-New Private Window)? If so, it’s cookies, and clear them in Safari via Preferences->Privacy->Remove All Website data, or if you know what you’re doing, remove the SketchUp cookies for 3dwarehouse. Then restart SketchUp and try again.

I just tried copy-past on a component, and it beachballed for a second, but worked fine. Any other details?