SketchUp BLOG Requires Special Login Credentials?

I enjoy reading through the posts to the SketchUp BLOG. I am however very frustrated that my SketchUp login credentials are not accepted on that site so that I may comment or ask questions.

To be clear, here is where my SketchUp user name and password are accepted:

But NOT:

I do not really care why this policy exists because such a reason would not make any logical sense. I am requesting that the policy be changed so that everyone with a SketchUp login is able to participate in commenting on the SketchUp BLOG.

If I am mistaken please accept my apologies and direct me the location of the SketchUp login for the BLOG.

Thanks for the input! Right now, commenting is all done via Disqus (a third party software). We are doing some major work on the Blog right now, and I will throw in the recommendation that we tie commenting to Trimble ID log in.

FWIW, this is not related to any policy in place, but simply a question of capability. At the time that the Blog page was created, we needed to use an out-of-the-box solution for commenting and Disqus was the easiest solution.