SketchUp assistance for someone with a disability

To the sketchup community,

I’m trying to draw the inside of my house off the plan I got off, however, because I have a disability I am having a little bit of trouble. Would there be anyone out there who would be willing to do some sketchups with me as a hobby? Obviously I will crop photos to hide my location before sending through plans etc.

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I’m interested! But I’m not exactly a “SketchUp Wizard”… And I’m in the middle of building a house IRL. So I’d have to do it in my spare time.

What are you trying to do?

I’m trying to draw my house plan to scale

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I mean what are you having trouble with specifically? Importing the plan? Tracing the plan, figuring out if it’s scaled properly, pulling out all the geometry?

Making it look cool :sunglasses:?

All of the above

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What format, is the plan in?

How do we share one file so we can do it together?

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I don’t think its possible to literally work on the same thing at the same time.

Try this, should get you started.

Forum House.skp (197.4 KB)

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Great start alpro … am sure ebarrett555 appreciates the help.
In an effort to help I revised the First Floor so the stairs work … added Floor Plan scenes with Section Planes … and split the “BRGD-IMG” so there is one image for the+ GF and one for the FF.

This should help get ebarrett555 off to a good start. Next I would “cut” holes in the walls for the doors and windows … then add the roof.

Forum House V2.skp (214.0 KB)

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