Sketchup as web app framework for a custom CAD program

I am a SU Pro user and looking for architecture for a web-based CAD application. The program should use some pre-defined 3D scaffolding objects and insert them around a user specified (simple, rectangular at first) building following some certain logic/algorithm. The result should be then the automatically generated scaffolding system for the building and a BOM (bill of material) from the components generated.The app should be available via an own authentication system (not a SU account) Furthermore, LayOut drawings with dimensions should be also generated.
The solution should be scalable, and having support/active development for at least 5 years.

  • What architecture would be the best using SU?
  • Dynamic component can be the way?
  • Or would it be possible to interact and visualise drawings in a ReactJS app for instance?

Thank you

Pinging @kengey