SketchUp as a hobby


I have a GeeTech I3 Pro C Dual Extruder 3 D Printer to do things with about a 7 inch cube of space to make things in ! ! This Sketchup should allow me to make things for sale on Facebook or E-bay . . I have to export the file to a .stl file and put in the shared folder for Scli3r to cut into layers for the 3D printer to make . . I use Linux ( ubuntu 15.10 64 bit ) and run windows inside of Virtual Box ( win 7-1 ) . . Then make the part with Repetier-Host did a check on the small jar bottom it will take 2 hours 37 minutes and 18 seconds according to the program but I made it with 90% infill in Slic3r and 10 in the ramps area for the over hang of things ( Slic3r is a free program and so is Repetier-Host ) Used Arduino IDE to get it all working had to talk to the 3D Printer to install the internal programming . . So it knew where the edges were and so on


You know Lynne,if you didn’t keep repeating what you have and how good it is, and just asked questions with images and models to help, you might get some really constructive help.


C’mon @Box,

I think your last reply to @lynne was a bit harsh. She was merely adding in the same vein to the post you offered just preceding hers.


This is pretty awesome!


I love sketchup, and this was just a personal try on a simple speed modelling and animation.


Well I get ask what I have to make things with and how i do it . . So I added all the info there in the answer . . And I was referring to why I like the Sketchup program
So here is picture of my #D printer with minor change the original extruder holder has been replaced with metal frame part


Well about another 7 minutes to go and the top of small jar is done here is pic of it !

This was taken with about 15 minutes to go . .


I have this fifty-year-old chair that was hand-hewn out of two boards to fit together as a chair.

Believe it or not, I have sat in this chair for hours at a time watching TV and it’s one of the most comfortable wooden chairs I’ve ever used. After seeing @DaveR’s bench creation, I thought I would try the same approach in modeling this (my renderings never seem to look as good as DaveR’s, however).


Random Model:



Holiday Vase



This plant will have problems with photosynthesis :wink:


No need. It has already grown its seeds, and the lightest breeze will spread them everywhere and you will have a lots of work getting rid of it.



I knew it was missing something, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it …


very nice, but for added realism I would grab the bottom of the flower pot and scale it down a bit so that it tapers. And perhaps put a bit of texture and/or uneven-ness tot he soil.


I appreciate your feedback @gadget2020 … I started out just wanting to model the fluffy part, but then I needed a stalk for it to sit on, and then it needed a pot, which needed dirt, and leaves so it won’t die, and then the pot needed a saucer and somewhere to put it … all to see what the fluffy part would look like :frowning:


And, now, to avoid cruelty to plants, you will have to model a climate that supports dandelions…



This is Nice! I always been interested in 3D printing.


This is really nice, How can i make a model like this from scratch? Is there a plugin for this? really nice.


Yes, there is a plugin … but it’s not really intuitive and the documentation is poor at best. And it only works in inches ;(