SketchUp as a hobby

I was wanting a way to overlay a brown smog over a city and I came across a handy tip from a KerkyThea user. It requires generating two separate renders and combining them in Gimp (or similar), but the fog overlay is a very quick depth render (option 24 in KerkyThea). I downloaded a simple farm from the Warehouse as an example.

The fog overlay:




My latest book just came out :slight_smile:

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nice fog…

I used this on a forest recently to add variety…

   # collect the trees then run this in a block...
    bbc =
    scale = rand(0.7..1.1)
    tr = Geom::Transformation.scaling(position, scale)
    instance.transform! tr
    num = rand(1..359)
    vec =, 0, 1)
    rot = Geom::Transformation.rotation(bbc, vec, num.degrees)
    instance.move!(rot * instance.transformation)



I probably should have credited the model I used by handyandy

Hello Jim.
Very sorry for my late reply. With summer and garden work and “estate stress” I have not been designing much. For the screens I used the proprietary softward called “Colour Matters” that I have designed the menu for in the 80s. My friend William Chao has created it. I sold it for many years and opened the NY office on Avenue of Americas in 96 living there for six month. Then later William sold the CM32 version to some entity in NY and since then it’s like not existing. I used to be a real specialist with it and used in my early years for architecture also as it has some reall cool and super easy features like bending photos and 3D draping from the 90s onwards already. Much better than Photoshop then. As there has been no update I have wined down using it although I still have a dongle for it. It worked only with israeli made Dongles …I will send you some links and most of my site then was made with it
Then it made me very good money in the fashion industry as many Designers
were hard to get into computes and still preferred drawing by hand and paint etc
while I gave customers 5 colour ways in ONE afternoon on a horribly noisy dot matric
in 256 colours (it was designed to work with Pantone colours) which was very convenient
as in Fashion very few companies use more than 7 colours per print then before photo prints etc.

This is a pic of when I did repeats in colours in the 80s

The CM32 also printed knit and cards for the pattern to be connected to the knitting machines
which was totally awesome. So I drew first then gave them the cards (sadly never photographed one)
I designed the knits for the USA Olympic team in Seoul and worked for big USA companies as you can see per my portfolio… All these are (WAS STORIES) life has changed much from flying around the world 4-5 times a year in business class. The internet killed most of that. I used to take pics of shops and windows and then print them out X times and sell them to smaller companies who did not have travel budget for around 3-5K $ also had big customers like PEPE Jeans Rip Curl, Quicksilver, Billabong, Target OZ as I was one of the earliest leader in making garment in Hemp and Hemp mixes and the surf community liked hemp already then.
VERY hard to sell as more expensive than cotton and linen and tricky for weaving machines
I spend so many years of my life in China since 1981 to develop unique and different things
I also created DIGITAL WALLPAPER printing 100dpi did Quicksilver offices in OZ and Radio station in London
I have to have this page fixed
as it doesn’t seem to work sorry for that all the photographic records are there.
My www. main problem is that in the early years I designed it all with a friend with basic html
then did not have time to learn more then all needed to be small there ALTA VISTA etc
and no SEO and now most of my text is IN the pictures so my search engine results are bad
THEN it often was no 1 in the early search engines …Anyway it brought me many business
for deluxe hotel uniforms airlines and cruise ships all that is dead now most were polyester suits made by huge factories. My last was in 2003 a five star Hotel in China where I nearly lost my
pants when they cheated on the paying method. Promising HKG payment then refused and I had to pay nearly15% to get my cash out of China etc…

I LOVE YOUR BRACELT IN COLOURED GLASS I would love to print that in 3D
You are such a genius. May I use it one of my buildings maybe as a center piece?
Mmmh I’d need the colour file for that:-). I have the right circular restaurants

courtyard for it (attached)

As my mother passed and left me nearly 100K EU debt my last ten months were horrible. With tonnes of additional fees to pay especially travel etc.

FINALLY the estate is on the way from Notaries etc… 1/2 of my income pension condo in Europe is gone as I had to sell it to pay off her debt linked to it. One gets surprises from a trusted mother,
but then married 5x etc. with her last man playing her like a fiddle for money.
I should not have been as trusting I paid her condo 30+ years ago
and she was supposed to put in my name ( I never asked) and now had to pay inheritance tax as she never did it etc…Anyway such i life and its lessons. One more last one to be learned I hope.
I call it now the curse from the grave…(yea maybe a book title?)
Wow I see you also write.

I am hoping to get back to my 3D work in the next weeks and months.
Lucky movies are still very much shot in Vancouver and in the moment booking for background and hopefully, more front scenes are coming in. I have 4 credits in the work biggest was a 2mill US$ movie in 2011 seems ages away.

One of my first small investments will be a new PC and buy the latest SketchUp version … I do enjoy REVIT also but renderings are a pain and I need to get at least 32GB of Ram if now 64 :slight_smile: why not its only ±150$ more and probably will be my last BIG NEW SHINY TOY for the next many years. Biggy will be the Nvidia top graphic card so have to wait for the pre xmas sales or China.single day etc.
Well so much for today sorry for my tardive reply.
Also liked your “fog” treatment :slight_smile: There are photoshop ways also to do that you may enjoy or not
its several steps

Ok bye for now
Kind regards
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My prequel sequel is finished (part two of two) :slight_smile:

Told in two parts, it’s technically a duology with contrasting covers: