SketchUp as a hobby


Oh nice I will read up and check some of these out, let me know if you want any help with a cover.


I thought it would be fun to make some “name thingies” for my co-workers. Here’s the one that I created for Marcia:

I had this 3D printed in laser-sintered nylon and dyed purple:

The 1" x 1" letters unfold to make the name thingie:


Egg Shapes

In a former life (circa 1985), I used CAD/CNC to machine a 2" egg out of aluminum. It was created with a 3rd order 2-point B-Spline rotated about the axis. @splicer9’s query about splitting an egg mold got me interested again.

Thanks to Nobuo Yamamoto, I located these parametric equations for an egg:

x = Lcos(u) + (A + Bcos(u))cos(u)
y = (A + Bcos(u))sin(u)

Transposing them into Ruby formatted expressions gives this:

x = 15.0 * Math.cos(u) + (30.0 + 15.0 * Math.cos(u)) * Math.cos(u)
y = (30.0 + 15.0 * Math.cos(u)) * Math.sin(u)

where L = 15, A = 30, and B = 15.

Here’s a video using these parameters with U-V PolyGen:

And the model:


I cut the egg apart and made the classic wooden puzzle out of it:

egg_puzzle_3d.skp (2.1 MB)


I was playing around with importing various graphic designs and came across this pendant of the Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral:

I created a similar design and sized it so that you could use a BB to roll around the path to get to the center:

However, it ended up being more than 10" in diameter and would cost me almost $300 to have it printed by Shapeways:


I thought I would attach the STL file in case someone would like to print it (or rout it) on their own machine :neutral_face:

chartres_labyrinth.stl (1.4 MB)