Sketchup and Windows 10 - Again

Sorry to make you feel much older. Unfortunately there’s nothing Trimble can do to fix your inadequate graphics card. SketchUp 2016 at least allows you to use the CPU for rendering instead. Fusion360 doesn’t have the same graphics requirement that SketchUp has.

It might be that restarting your computer and trying again to install the Intel graphics drivers will work. Or it may be that your graphics card is passed it’s use by date and they no longer actually support it. I guess we haven’t learned exactly what model the graphics adapter is yet.

Per …

… it’s the low end Celeron integrated HD Graphics 400 which uses shared system RAM.


On an incredibly low end processor without adequate support. Even every smartphone today is more well equipped by many factors of magnitude.


I have witnessed NO slow down in 3D performance from my Windows 10 (Pro) PC (home PC). I am completely up to date on Windows 10 as well. My PC is not new but an older 4th gen core i5 (quad), 12 gb ram, 512 SATA SSD and Nvidia GTX 650 ti.
Sir, you need a newer and better PC for SU. Stay away from all-in-one units as well. These offer limited ability to upgrade hardware.


I’d say no better than a Chomebook specs.

I have searched for an updated graphics driver with no luck. I started SU 2017 and loaded a sketch that has 200 component instances, 30 groups, 253 component definitions and 24 layers. It is 11 meg in size. I then reduced the profiles setting to 1 and deselected edges. The sketch will rotate very smoothly and fairly fast, I can pan,zoom,delete and push/pull with no reduction in speed. The only thing that has ever caused severe slowness is when I click on View, Toolbars, The toolbar box will open and the cursor changes to an hourglass for 32 seconds before the cursor returns to an arrow. If I then close the toolbar box it disappears and the cursor becomes an hourglass for 36 seconds before the arrow returns. I dare not try and change the toolbar layout, it would take half an hour or more. So far I haven’t found any other problems in SU 2017, there might be some waiting for me, I just haven’t found them yet.
I repeat for those who can’t believe SU2017 runs on a computer of this specification. It does!
LRW65 (Soon to be LRW66):birthday:

LOL happy early birthday! Just turned 48 last week :wink:

Using a fast style for your modeling (work) scene and only using presentation style(s) for output scenes is one facet of a good SketchUp workflow …

To add to what DaveR said about the video drivers, I would stop Windows from using any Microsoft driver updates.

Here’s a link with step-by-step to force windows NOT to update hardware drivers-

It’s always best to use the hardware manufacturers drivers and updates.

I would rather use 2017 than 2016, but 2016 is very stable and fast. I will use 16 until either a fix is found to enable 17 to run as well as it did several months ago, or I will buy a new computer. But £1000 for a computer to run SketchUp that I only use for fun? I think I will keep using 16!
At the moment Intel can’t or won’t update my video driver, even though its own diagnostics app recommends an update and after trying for several minutes can’t finish the job. The computer manufacturer, Acer, has no new drivers for me to download. The driver they have is older than the installed driver. I tried rolling back the previous driver with no change and had to reset the newest (ish) driver. At the moment Windows is the only programme that offers me any sort of driver update.
To have a chance of running SU 2017, or newer, I would have to buy a new computer. My other computer is a 10 year old laptop running XP, and my other other computer is an Atari ST!

It may be possible a fresh install of windoze will help, note I said MAY help.

Thanks, but that’s too much like hard work. And Windows will only find a new way of screwing up anyway!

Hi, i got the same problem on my laptop and desktop computer and it’s a graphic driver problem.
Each Time Windows do an update that will update the graphic driver automatically and SU doesnt work anymore (slow very very very slow).
I have to remove the graphic driver and install the good one.
I found the tip on a thread that explain this issue (sorry i havent the URL)

Hi Manu,
I installed the driver from Acer’s website, it is a few years older than the driver on my computer, but I went ahead anyway. No difference. So I let Windows upgrade the driver to the one I had replaced. No difference, BUT a miracle could have happened and the computer MIGHT have recovered, it didn’t. I then re-visited the Intel website and allowed it to check my system, again, and download the latest driver, again, and then install the latest driver etc. Once again the driver couldn’t be installed because the Acer didn’t like it. Intel liked it but wouldn’t install it, but told me how to install it myself. Intel also warned me that I did this on my own head as installing the latest driver could cause the Acer to go belly up (there is another way of expressing that, but I won’t). So, SU 2016 runs fine, if a little slow depending on what I am doing, I will keep using it until I raid the extremely strong piggy bank with my dwindling reserves in it and buy a new sooper dooper computer and then have to re-install all the paid for and downloaded for free software. No matter what computer I buy, unless it’s a Mac, Windows will want to update it’s software and I could be faced with the same problem. I am very happy that your problems were easier to fix than mine!
( I wonder if I could take the hard drive from the Acer and have a better computer built around it?)

If you buy your “sooper dooper computer” with an Nvidia graphics card, it’s likely you won’t have this problem again. Every computer I’ve had since I started using SketchUp (V3) has had Nvidia GPUs and I’ve never had any problems with Windows updates screwing up the drivers. It might screw up the drivers for the integrated Intel GPU but it doesn’t matter since that GPU isn’t being used.

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You’d still have to re-install Windows. Sir, you need a newer, better PC. You don’t need to spend $1,000 for one either. Stay away from Intel based graphics or low end AMD as well.
As with DaveR, I’ve NEVER had these issues and I certainly don’t use cutting edge equipment.

I have taken on board all suggestions, especially about the graphics card, or lack of one. Because this computer can’t really be altered much it looks as though I will have to invest in a new one. Not just for SketchUp, I have other programmes that would benefit too.

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Hello everyone,
remember to check the box “use fast response” in the tab openGL preferably.
I had this problem of trainee at a time.
restart sketchup.
Bonjour a tous,
penser à cocher la case "utiliser le réponse rapide "dans l’onglet openGL de préférence.
j’au eu ce problème de traine à un moment.
redemarrer sketchup.

Hi all,
I recently ordered a new computer from a local shop to be built to my specs.
Ryzen 5, 16Gb ram, Nvidia graphics card (I forget which) with 4Gb ram, 500Gb SSD. I only said yes to going ahead with the build because I believed that my installation of windows 10 v1903 had become stable since I discovered a conflict with another programme. I was wrong about the stability and contacted the shop to see if they could install an earlier version of win 10 that wouldn’t insist on upgrading itself, or better still, windows 7 or 8 that wouldn’t even try to upgrade. He couldn’t do that so I cancelled the order. No way I was going to spend £650 on a computer that might crash as much as this one does. I have now bought a used Dell with Intel i5 4th gen, 16Gb DDR3 ram, Gtx 750ti card with 4Gb ram and a 2 terabyte HD. I mean, two terabytes! What am I meant to do with that lot? I can’t even fill 240Mb on this computer. Anyway, SketchUp 2017 now runs perfectly. There are none of the delays mentioned in my post above. The ‘new’ computer is running windows 7 64 bit. It can be upgraded to 10 at anytime.
My thanks to all who replied, I took every suggestion on board and tried them all.
lrw65 who is now lrw66 and feeling it!

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Good to hear that you are back up and running. Best of luck to you going forward :slight_smile: