SketchUp and Vray not working properly on brand new computer?

Hello, i have a problem with my program. I’m a student and just bought a brand new computer, with really good parameters so that it can work smooth with 3d visualizations. I’ve done my exterior school project in archicad, then decided to do my interior in sketchup.

  1. I exported my file in Skp format and opened it in sketchup where i cleaned the unnecessary parts so that the file stays smaller.
  2. First problem was with the Sketchup, it was crashing every once in a while, just the screen turning white and a not responding text popping up.
  3. Second problem was whit the Vray. It was working so slow, i could hear my computer getting so loud with the ventilation every time i opened it and trying to do som renders. And it was crashing all the time also. And the worst become when i put all the lights and tried to make a render.

So, the problem is i don’t understand anything about computers and i just can’t figure out what the problem must be. If it comes from the settings for the SketchUp and Vray? Or can it be connected to wrong assemble of the computer at the first place or some windows problem? If anyone has encountered such problem, please help!

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Hi !

I won’t be able to help much, but I know what others will ask :

  • Could you please give us information about your new computer ? brand, processor, ram, video card, os… chatever you have
  • have you checked if your graphic card is up to date ? (the drivers)
  • could you share one of the problematic files here with us ? either drag it into the text area, or use a secondary site (wetransfer, a drive…)

Just from the symptoms you describe, I’d say… graphic card is not updated ? but I don’t know, it could be the file, it could be other things.

I would bet it is related to the archicad export file, and how large it is (how many faces, edges, etc…)

In SKP go to Window>Model Info and make a screen shot - then we could see how large the model is.
Also consider posting details about your computer, graphics card, ram, etc.

Rendering is intensive, there is no way around it. I do my final renders with Chaos Cloud (through vRay) in order to save my computer from becoming a space heater, and to allow me to keep working.


So my processor is Intel Core i7-12700 KF. The graphics cars is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB. And I checked the drivers, it says they are up to date. The ram is Kingston 32GB. As far as my hardware, all of it is higher than the system requirements for SketchUp so I don’t think that could be the problem.

And there is the file that I’m talking about. WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free


I also feel it can be connected to the exported file, just don’t know how can i be sure of that and make it not happen the next time.

46 million edges

Looks like your SketchUp file could stand a bit of cleanup.

but every time i use the Clean up plug in or press the purge unused the whole program crashes…

Oh wow, well it was a whole building and I deleted 5 floors. So how can i import a file from another program and not have this amount of edges?

Don’t use CleanUp.
Delete what you don’t need, then Purge the file.

Keep only what you really need. If you render a room, keep only that room.

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Your screenshot doesn’t show that SketchUp has crashed. Only that it’s busy doing what you asked it to do.

Share your .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

SketchUp and Vray not working properly on brand new computer? - #4 by boicheva.ekaterina Here i’ve posted the model

When dealing with such a huge model (in term of geometry), it might be a good idea to export all levels separately.

You say you have 5 levels, and 40M edges, SU might have less trouble dealing with it 8M at a time.

then when it’s clean and light, you can import each level in a final file.
It is generally how we advice using the 3d warehouse with big models, open in a separate file, clean, then actually import.

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Do you need the entire model for your interior renders?

I would isolate what you need for your renders. Think about the final scene / image you want - then export / import only what you need.

You might be able to use proxy objects for the render. I’ve used them for trees, rocks, some interior stuff as well.

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Sorry. I missed the link before.

So your file is indeed bloated and could stand quite a bit of cleanup. I fixed incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 1_25_2023 , 10_10_17 AM
…purged unused stuff…
Screenshot - 1_25_2023 , 10_12_45 AM
… and reduced a few of the oversized textures. I was able to reduce the file size by about 32.5%. There are a number of components in the model that could do with some surgery to reduce their impact on the model. If you cleaned it up I expect you’d find that it works well with Vray.

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How did you fix incorrect tag usage? And do you purge the unused stuff from Window - Model info - Statistics?

I used Default Layer Geometry, a plugin by TIG available from Sketchucation.

Yes. You can do that. I use another plugin by TIG to do that because it gives the report showing how much stuff was removed but Purge Unused in Statistics does the same thing.

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Thank you!

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