SketchUp and VDI

So, support told me they couldn’t interpret the EULA of the product and to come to the forums. It looks like this topic hasn’t been discussed in a few years. We have a 50 user GPU VDI environment that we would like to install SketchUp. The question I have is: Is this just unsupported, or a violation of the EULA. Note: this is not a virtual server that serves one to many. This is a VDI environment that will have 50 individual installations and licenses.

They should have sent you to sales.
The Eula specifically states that you may not host the software (2.5) from the days software was distributed by a cd and had authorization code printed on it.
It needs some updating.
That said, there are ways and with the new Trimble ID v4 coming up next weekend such a restriction doesn’t make sense anymore, because licenses are tiered to a sign in of your Trimble ID and that will eventually make way for single sign on/off.
Larger companies may be eligible for an Enterprise solution, the third tier in the subscription model.
Contact sales.