SketchUp and Python

Continuing the discussion from Ruby load error in sketchup 2016:

SU intergrated Ruby before Google’s ownership period, [which ended 4 years ago]…


Ah! That certainly explains it :wink:

The company @Last [I believe they were a group who broke-away from AutoDesk] created SketchUp - as an easy to use, intuitive 3d modeler.
They introduced scripting using Ruby after a few versions.
Then they sold it to Google.
Then they sold it on to Trimble…
Watch this space…


are you buying?

or are you dancin…


Did they break away before or after Walker went walk-about?

… and if it’s Python that is your passion, FreeCAD integrates Python as it’s scripting language.

Actually I picked up Python because I’m a language junkie. Then a client forced me to learn Perl and I found another language I could enjoy as much as C :slight_smile:

Well you know that Pearl is a birthstone, and Ruby is also (for the month following that for Pearl.) Matz designed Ruby as the next generation scripting language based on Perl, so that is how it got the name Ruby.

All of which makes me glad I learned IBM 360-BAL first!