SketchUp and macOS 10.12

I installed macOS 10.12 yesterday, and SketchUp is working ok. One of the new features in 10.12 is that the system brings tabs to apps that didn’t have them before. The first menu item in View is now Show Tab Bar, and with that turned on you can click a + button to get another SketchUp document going in the same window.

But, I have self doubt about whether this feature wasn’t already there! So, anyone who is using the Mac version of SketchUp, what is the first menu item in View?

BTW, the feature works well.

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it isn’t there in previous OS X’s and there wasn’t even an option if you modified the Nib file…

can you add a screenshot?


This shows the menu and a bunch of documents open. You can see the + at the right end.

I like tabs, but where do scene tabs show up if enabled as well?


The scene button strip appears below the tabs when you select the tab of a document that has had scenes added to it.

Using SU 2016 Pro, El Capitan v10.11.5 - no such menu item (Show tab bar) under View menu.

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And… I thought it was OSX.
Wasn’t MacOS it’s predecessor ?

Mac OS was a predecessor…

macOS is the all new lowerCamelCase variant…


If you go back far enough it was Macintosh OS, Apple had not yet paid for the rights to use the word “Mac”. In fact, for version 7 it was just known as System 7. But yes, Mac OS 8 and 9 did precede OS X, which has the slightly fuller name of Mac OS X.

By renaming to macOS, to match the other system names, they are no longer so tied to using version 10 for everything.

I might still have around the original Macintosh Plus system disk. System version was 4.2. The OS, together with MacWrite and MacPaint fitted on the single 720 KB 3.5" floppy, with room left for documents. I wanted to make sure that I’d never run out of disk space so I bought a 20 MB external hard drive.


You may not know this, but I worked in Apple tech support during that time. My first Mac was a 20 MB HD Macintosh SE. I was the first person anywhere on earth to use System 7 full time (think that was on a Macintosh II).

Although PC disks at the time were 720 kb, Apple’s disks were 800 kb, which they got by varying the rotation speed.

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