SketchUp 3D Basecamp and COVID-19

My neighbor just told me how he just got over it, and his wife, both needing brief hospital visits, plus his parents got it, and his father died of it just a couple weeks ago. It’s not at all over yet.

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Fast forward another 4 months and the numbers have dramatically come down in the US as well as the number of vaccinations has reached about 50% nationwide. We are looking pretty good right now but we are also staring this new Delta variant in the face and it’s hard to say how this will all play out since there is so much vaccine hesitancy in many states, and unfortunately it will only prolong the pain and suffering and allow the emergence of even more new variants.

If these new variants keep popping up (the newest one more scary than the last), then 2022 might not look so rosy. I’m really hoping by next year we are done with all of this and I can get back to a somewhat normal life and actually attend a SketchUp Basecamp again.

To add to this we do not know what will happen this fall when the people move back indoors for winter in the northern portions of the country.

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Take a look at this link (CDC):

If you look at Region 8 you will notice that compared with all of the other regions in the US this region seems to have the highest surge of the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant recently. This is what has me worried, this new variant seems to be gaining ground rapidly especially in specific areas in Colorado and Utah (Grand Junction and Moab).

If you are visiting those areas in the near future be sure to mask up and take appropriate precautions.

I guess we can make do with another season of Fireside Chat, for now and keep hoping that we are clear by next September!


Thank-you for hosting the series Aaron, it has been one of those things that has helped me keep my sanity through all of this pandemic craziness. Really looking forward to Season 2 starting up in the next few days.


This thing has only just begun, hasn’t it? The next variant of serious concern will be the Delta+ and then after that we will probably see a continuation of even more serious variants rear their ugly heads. The virus is starting to spread rapidly in Africa now, I really wouldn’t be surprised to see some new variants come from that region of the world next.

When will we be pandemic free? I don’t know now, it may be years or we could see a really deadly variant that cleans the slate and scares everyone into really taking this thing serious and getting a vaccine so we can finally stamp it out once and for all.

Until something like that happens the anti-vaxxers will probably persist and the pandemic will drag itself out with more new variants, more surges and more half hearted remedial actions which never quite seal the deal.

Sorry to be so negative but I recently lost a dear family friend in Canada and was unable to travel to his funeral to pay my final respects. Watching the numbers starting to rise again and the spread of the Delta variant in Utah has also made me a little less optimistic overall.

We are now getting close to a year out from the 2022 Basecamp, I am hopeful but my faith is beginning to waiver a little.


It so easy to get down at this point. I lost a friend too and they were unable to do a funeral. It all sucks. I feel like the best we can do is try to be as conscious and considerate as we can. Get vaccinated and be smart. Praying that the vaccine that has kept me safe from the virus so far remains effective against new variants and hope we can all see each other in Vancouver in ‘22!


Here in Finland the infection figures had gone down so the authorities relaxed many of the related restrictions. As a result, last week, a lot of people took the bus to watch the European championship football (soccer for the Americans) games in St. Petersburg, Russia. They brought back three times as many infections as what our whole country had recorded the previous week. The conclusion: It isn’t nearly over yet. How YOU behave matters.


I’m still very hopeful for Basecamp in 2022. I guess it will really come down to what happens after the Delta surge, will there be more major variants in our future?

I think we all thought this would be over by now but evidently no one has a crystal ball.


The “experts” seem to be saying that Covid (all variants) will be with us from now on, much like the seasonal flu virus. Mankind will change to accommodate this new challenge. I am assuming that Trimble is busy designing a new format for future Basecamp events as other businesses scramble to re-think their protocols and practices. Looking back, life seemed much easier. :thinking:

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I’m not sure how you just live with it when all of the hospitals are maxed out and people with other medical emergencies have to wait hours or even days to get any sort of proper medical treatment. Our hospitalization numbers in Utah just crossed the 500+ level again, we are right back to where we were in January and perhaps even worse.

You would think we would have prepared a bit when we saw this new variant hit India a few months back but we tried to ignore it away (at least here in Utah) and now look where we are. Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemies, we are not really fighting the virus, we are fighting each other.

After Delta we have the Mu and the C.1.2 to possibly contend with, hopefully they don’t go exponential like the Delta but I guess only time will tell.


As long as there are unvaccinated people the virus will continue to mutate (think FLU). These mutations will seek immunity from the vaccines. The virus is no different than other living organisms, it just wants to live and propagate. Our health system is already practicing “rationed” care:

a shift from being able to do everything possible for one patient to maximizing the benefit for many

Stay healthy …


I wanted to let everyone know that 3D Basecamp is back! Tickets are on sale now for 2022.

Many of you should have received an email from us today announcing that 3D Basecamp is happening September 26-30, 2022 at the Vancouver Convention Center. If you’ve attended a Basecamp before, you automatically qualify for our special Loyalty Bird pricing (expires March 1st, 2022). Otherwise, our Early Bird pricing is a great option to save a few bucks. Either way, you are guaranteed a good time. :upside_down_face:

Learn more about the conference at: