SketchUp 22 OpenGL bleed through

Seems like I’m seeing a lot more Open GL edge bleed through in 2022. This is the same file open in 22 and 21 with the same scene set. The edges under a 1/2" thick surface bleed through at a closer distance on 22? I would have thought that this was system function connected to the graphics pipeline and the same for all programs, but it appears different. Can you think of any reason one version would bleed through more?


This may be related to the changes in 2022 that reposition the camera to reduce clipping. Perhaps this is putting the camera farther away than was happening in 2021?

My first guess too was a result of the changes to camera behavior designed to avoid clipping. But as I never really had a problem managing clipping, even on very large scale files, this is a much bigger problem than clipping ever was. Not sure at all if this is truly the cause, could be unrelated.

I understand that is in Parallel Projection mode. In Perspective it would make interior views impossible.