SketchUp 2024 | RIP to more frequent updates

Sounds nice, but it would make so many of the SketchUp videos/tutorials out there wrong where they say “middle mouse drag to rotate”!

That is why a company called 3D Connexion and the Space Mouse product line exists.


Perhaps going through the training materials at would help.
SketchUp is not designed to replicate 2D AutoCad workflows. Parallel projection views are mainly meant for creating scenes for traditional 2D output views. The interface is designed for modelling in perspective view. If you stick to editing in the way you do, I recommend that you assign a single-key shortcut to the Pan function.
If you have a Logitech mouse, the Logi options software allows you to configure the mouse buttons separately for SketchUp, and you can switch the wheel button to the modifier key+middle button function.


I know quite a few posts have described the extension ecosystem as a bit of a Wild West but I think this is actually a strength not a weakness. Developers have the freedom to make SketchUp into whatever they want to, yes some of the interfaces may look a little janky but the user can easily pick and choose what they like or don’t like, if this is really a major issue. SketchUp is infinitely more powerful because of its flexible and open ended API, don’t try to fix a good thing, in my opinion.

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Luddite’s, one and all……. Nope, I have a 3D space mouse, cannot get on with it. Hideous. Great, you love yours, that’s good to know.

It’s a simple addition to SU that would help immeasurably and allow all Luddite’s to stick in their lane unaffected whilst the rest of us get on with designing, detailing and building sh… Swapping between CAD and SU and Revit is a PITA. This would end the issue and bring it into line, and a place, it should have been years ago.

If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…

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Its not the Space Mouse - they make a regular mouse called the ‘CadMouse’ with 3 buttons plus a scroll wheel on top, as well as a macro button and 2 side buttons… I have mine setup for various commands in both SKP and LO… fairly certain you could program the middle top button to pan, and keep the push on the scroll wheel to orbit.

The Space Mouse (puck) is OK, but I went with the larger one with programmable buttons that I have linked to various software (SKP and LO included).

Was this addition also made to all of the other software packages?