Sketchup 2023 Zoom to Nowhere

First of all, I just upgraded to 2023 Pro and I am seriously not impressed (especially not for the money!). 2017 free was more stable.

I was working with my model and it suddenly flashed and then the display is just blue sky. If I use Edit > Select All, I still see that my entities exist. But Zoom Extents does nothing. I cannot get back to any of the objects in my model at all. Any clue how to resolve this?

One trick is to open the Outliner, select something there, right-click and select “zoom selection” from the context menu.
If you post the model here or online, people could take a look at it and possibly find what has caused the camera to move to outer space.

Thanks for your response. Sorry to be thick, but I can find no tool called the “Outliner”. I am not sure what you are referring to. Can you tell me where it is found in the menu structure? Thx.

Edit: The outliner is conspicuously absent from my Default Tray…
Second Edit: Ok, found it. And… drumroll… Does not zoom to selection

Enable it in Window>Default Tray…


Share the .skp file so we can help you get it straightened out.

Stuart Frame.skp (87.6 KB)

Here you go.
Stuart Frame fixed.skp (100.0 KB)

Not sure how you got the camera set the way it was but you should be able to see the model now.

Odd. I never touched the camera. If this happens again, how would I find whatever you did to repair it?

I can’t identify what was done to make it happen. I used a plugin called SW Rescue my Model to reset the camera.

For what it’s worth here are the camera properties in your file as you uploaded it:

And in the “fixed” version.

The Eye coordinates represent the location of the camera. In your model the camera is placed a long way from the model. Again, I don’t know what in your work flow positioned it there. I’ve seen this in a few other models from other users although I’ve never been able to induce it in any of my own models.

If I remember correctly the units are inches. If that’s right, the distance to the camera from the origin is 830,636,684,286,963,328 miles or about 8935823470 AU or 141298 light years.

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