Sketchup 2023 Studio issues


I’m new here in the forum.

I have 2 issues with my Sketchup studio:

  1. I have to login to Trimble each and every time I open a new session and use V-ray (opening the asset manager, rendering…). And I also have to login separately to Cosmos.
  2. when quitting, Sketchup crashes every time.

Everyone has the same issue and maybe a solution?

I use the latest/most updated Sketchup, V-ray and relevant drivers…

Thank you in advance,


Do you see a bugsplat window when the crash happens? If you do, can you send one of them in?

If you go here in File Explorer:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\

there is a file named login_session.dat. Try deleting that, it may help with the login issues.