SketchUp 2023 Print Preview Display

Since using Sk 2023, I’ve had a minor annoyance with print preview. It never opens up to fit the window and always appears like the attached. Does this happen with anyone else. I’m on Windows 10 with dual monitors, although switching off one of the monitors doesn’t cure it.

I should also add that I can drag it/maximise it to fit the window, however, I have to do this every time.

Yes I concur. Even manually entering a "PrintPreview" subobject in the PrivatePreferences.json file does not help. (v23 is currently not looking for it in the settings.)

Each time the size of the window is the size of my secondary display (UHD) but displaced downward and to the right, so it straddles both displays.

This may be a known issue. @colin ?

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