Sketchup 2023 not inserting model in Layout. Layout not updating model changes

I have Sketch Up Pro 2023 and just udated today. Now when I press the “Send To Layout” icon the model doesn’t show up in Layout. I have to open a new file in Layout and then manually insert the Sketchup model’s file. When done this way I also have to click “Render Model” for the model to show up. In addition the saved scenes don’t show up under the “SketchUp Model” drop down and none of the “Scenes” for the SketchUp model show up here like before.

If I make changes to the model in Sketchup and then save, when I go back to Layout and go to “Document Preferences” and then click on “References” the Layout view doesnt update. This is really slowing down my work flow. HELP!!

Did you install SketchUp by right-clicking on the downloaded folder and selecting “Run As Administrator”?

In addition to making sure you installed SketchUp and LayOut correctly, it would help if you share the SketchUp and LayOut files so we can see what you are working with.

Did you install SketchUp by right-clicking on the downloaded folder and selecting “Run As Administrator”?

Is this still important in 2023?

I can’t think of any other software I’ve used has required me to right-click and run as administrator…windows installers can check and require authentication during the install process.

Also, people may be installing based on this process. It’s no longer a case of downloading and running an EXE, so there’s no option to right-click and “run as”.

We don’t test with run as admin, or require that. But, I have seen cases where run as admin did fix some obscure permissions issue. I have also seen cases where installing with run as admin would then show up a problem.

Overall, installing as admin ought not to do any harm, and may occasionally help. Not installing as admin should not mean that you are bound to have problems.

I have always installed by just running the installer when logged in as an administrator, with no problems. I suspect that the “Run as…” procedure is required by some other security software than the one I am using or different security settings that otherwise prevent the installer from creating some of the required folders etc. in Appdata, Program Data and installing the extensions and other files that should go there, or creating some of the required Registry settings. The problems people have seem to be with extensions and interconnectivity with LayOut.

I think of the Run as admin method as a problem solver rather than the right way to install. Much like the saving to a network location/corrupt file issue, just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t.
Anecdotally using the Run as Admin option to repair installations that have some strange issues seems to work. I hadn’t been aware of any downsides that @colin mentions.

Have you already found a solution to this problem? In case you haven’t If you don’t share the file it’s gonna be almost impossible for any of the members of the forum to help you.

I have other software that requires the "install as administrator " method. Hence I install ALL software using this method.

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