Sketchup 2023 crashes on animation export

Experiencing Sketchup 2023 animation export crashes around 50% processing, No bugsplats however, Sketchup 2022 is totally seamless and succesful.

Anyone else experiencing this?



How does it crash if there is no bugsplat? “Freeze” or quit? If SketchUp seems to freeze, it might still be working. Animation export is a resource-intensive process and it might take long to complete. The progress indicators in export and import functions are not very informative.

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Wait, whats happening? This is confusing:

In the Activity Monitor, what is SketchUps memory at while exporting, is it running away? Is SketchUp closing, or just hanging?

Yeah sorry guys … 2022 is seamless… 2023 is the problem… Christmas party messages not good with soda pop. :cocktail:

Hi there

It takes minutes to export in 2022 but in 2023 it gets to 50% then the dissapears from the screen.

I shall log it with the team. .