SketchUp 2022 Select Tool

In previous SketchUp versions (at least with 2021), if I clicked on a group there would be a tooltip saying what tag it was.

In 2022 this does not appear to work…?

Could that have come from an extension? I doon’t see it happening in SketchUp 2021 on my machine.

Maybe :thinking:

I’ll check - I can’t think which one it could be…

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Disabled all plugins in 2021 via the extension manager and applied the changes.

And I’m still able to click on a group / component / entity and the tooltip will appear.

With the Select tool? I have to look at my Preferences I guess.

One needs to restart after applying the changes, otherwise they still would be loaded in the current session.

Yeah, I did that, but some plugins appeared to turn themselves back on on restart which was frustrating - wasn’t able to work why.

Short of uninstalling plugins (rather not do)…

That should only be the native ones.





Is it my own custom plugin :scream:

I need to find a rock to hide under


:slight_smile: Google search (5th position)