Sketchup 2022 Complete Computer Crash

SketchupPro 2023 was loaded in last week, didn’t start using it until today. Freezing after a minute, and computer completely crashing and restarting every 10 min. I deinstalled 2023 and installed SketchupPro 2022. It’s not freezing as much, but still does after maybe 10 min and again, crashing and shutting down entire computer. Error message says: Stop code: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE and What Failed: igdkmdnd64.sys

Thanks for any help–this has never happened before with not just SU crashing, but it causing the whole computer to shut down.

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hmmm microsoft says it’s about issue with the display driver.

And it seems you’re not the first - nor the last with this issue.
you apparently need to check your drivers for updates

Windows updates your drivers slower than they are actually released. So you might be one or two versions behind, small stuff, tiny fixes, not important. until it is. Basically it’s a good idea to check for updates with the company itself (last link above this) whenever you have any visual trouble / crash

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yeah, sorry, I’ll be blunt, but that’s not helpful.

Jcerdreich’s computer has an issue, most likely with the graphics card driver, and we’re looking to solve it.

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what ? where are you getting that ?

have you read my first answer ? it contains links to the microsoft help site and forums where people have had EXACTLY this issue and solved it by manually reinstalling the GPU driver (the blue parts of the text are links).

Actually, there are several similar cases, and they all revolve around the issue of “GPU driver need to be reinstalled”

And again, I get that you have an opinion on PC vs Mac, but that’s not the point here. and it’s not helping.


Thanks guys for your replies. I will check for driver updates. Also, this computer has been acting a little weird the last few months and I need to take it in for a general checkup/purge anyway.

For what it’s worth I saved my file in SU 2020 this morning in a (probably misguided) attempt to help the issue, and we’re having the same problem. I’ll check for driver updates and at least run the McAfee security scan too.


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