Sketchup 2021 Pro quirks


Is anyone finding the latest version of Pro glitchy? Having lots of bug splats and issues with basics like pitched roofs becoming multifaceted for no obvious reason. Other issues I’m having is with pull/push faces as it seems that sometimes there are two faces and only 1 pushes back in. All very odd.


Maybe you’re confused with the ‘sticky’ ctrl function. For some reason they have changed it so that you don’t need to press it again if you reuse the push pull. (you press ctrl again to deactivate it)
Personally I don’t like it much but I haven’t used it a lot. maybe as you get used to it it becomes more productive.

I’m not seeing any issues like that. In fact 2021 has been very solid for me.

Please correct your profile. It says you are using SketchUp Free (web) and Make which based on your question is not right.

I tested v2021 and noticed that the toggeling of the eyedropper is very unreliable/slow. Very annoying…
And then the size of my tray panels is not stored. They are always resized when i reopen SU. And the position of floating trays is also lost and they are all stacked in one place.
And the program is taking longer to open than older versions.

How was it installed?

A: Double click on the installer
B: Right click on the installer and select “Run as administrator”

If A was the install method, Follow " B" and select the repair option.