Sketchup 2021 Model Info Window Causing Error/Hangup

Recently (within the last 2-3 months) I’ve noticed SKP 2021 with Model Info/Statistics window open falls into a spinning wheel hangup for minutes at a time. This happens when basic modeling operations are executed, but particularly with offset and push-pull on curved faces. I wonder if this is due to having to display new curved edges/adding geometry in scene? The spinning wheel will last anywhere from a few minutes to indefinitely, and has made modeling impossible (hangups occur within a minute of starting a new session).

I’ve updated all drivers, toggled on/off extensions, as well as uninstall/reinstalled 2021. Nothing has worked thus far. I have installed a clean version of 2022, with no plugins, and can’t seem to replicate the issue so this seems confined to 2021 for some reason. I’d prefer not to install all my plugins/shift over to a new build mid-project, and can’t find anything on this issue in the threads.