Sketchup 2021 crashes while exporting 2D image - Quadro FX 570 ...error No 3

The model is not very large, but we just recently installed new 2021 and there may be some setting to be changed…
In the middle of a major deadline…any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Really, a Quadra fx 570? That came out in 2007. It has 256 mb ddr2 ram. This might be the problem. What are the rest of the system specs?

Thank you Sean-WFU,
Yes, it is older system as I mostly use CAD and Sketchup just in its basic form so never really paid too much attention till now when the model became more detailed and I decided also to use Podium plug in to render.
System spec
Processor Intel® Xeon® CPU E5440 @ 2.83GHz 2.83 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2

What is interesting I was able to make my lap top work slowely but it worked even with 16 GB of RAM…although it was crashing as well… that is why I thought the problem is the Podium plug in I recently installed.

GPU: nvidia quadro k2000m
CPU:# Intel® Core™ i7-3840QM Processor
RAM: 16 GB
64 bit OS, x64 processor

I wonder if the newer versions of SU are incompatible with your older video cards? I’m using a GTX 650 ti, at home, and it’s still works well. If you get a newer card don’t waste money on Quadro cards. You don’t need them for cad and SU. Good luck

Thank you.
Any recomendations for a decent comp system for what I need… would like to use more SU and be able to manage larger models, without being too slow… Any sugestions?

Lots of different answers here to be found. For me a good mid level cpu with a good single-thread score

The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X seems to be a sweet spot for price/performance imo.
A good Nvidia GTX/RTX level card
16 if not 32 gb of ram
512 gb or higher M.2 NVMe based hard drive

My work rig:
Dell Precision desktop
i7 8700
32 gb ddr4
512 M.2 NVMe
RTX 2080

I have no issues with AutoDesk AEC Suite, SU 2021, Adobe Creative Cloud, Simlab renderings and so on. Others will give similar good advice.

Thank you. Appreciate your help.

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At least version 2020 worked OK on my older computer with a QuadroFX 1800 card (768MB VRAM). The bottleneck in SketchUp display performance is the CPU, basically any GPU with the required OpenGL support will work. The main requirement is that there is one.

Have you tried disabling or uninstalling plugins?
Also make sure that you have the latest available display driver for your cards installed. K2000M should work, it is still very common in “workstation” laptops that corporate IT departments like to buy.

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Good point Annsi but 256 mb video just seems inadequate for SU, or it does to me :wink:

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Can you start a new model and successfully export an image of Sumele? If you can, and it’s only certain models that cause a problem when exporting an image, there may be something in that model that is leading to an issue.

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Anssi, That is another very good question. First I disabled it within the Sketchup…it did not work so I tried to uninstall it through the control panel but could not find it…then followed SU instructions to do it manually but was not able to find it’s file anywhere…about the same time (I don’t know if it was just a coincidence) my entire network was acting strange…I was not able to access the server and other computers. Since I was not very familiar with this plug in I got concerned that it may do some damage to my system so I uninstalled the Sketchup hoping that will take care of the plug in as well…but when I re-installed Sketchup back the plug in was still there. I was wandering how many of you have used SU Podium…if it is reliable there must be something with my system…

Thank you Anssi!

Will try after couple of other deadlines,…thank you