SketchUp 2021 Bugs

So far SketchUp 2021 has had a number of bugs that have seriously affected people’s workflows.

There was the Scenes - Properties To Save, there’s Layout Export to PDF and the right-click greyed out menu items which I’ve just encountered.

I had considered that I might downgrade to the 2021 version that is able to export to PDF successfully but then realised that because I had changed my workflow I was going to be affected by the Scenes - Properties To Save bug which was addressed by the version that has the export to PDF bug.

Given that 2021 will be the last classic licence that many of us will have (as suggested by someone else on another thread), REALLY these bugs need to be sorted out before SketchUp 2022 comes out.

What bug is this? I haven’t seen any problems related to that.

I haven’t had any problems with exporting the PDF in either SketchUp or LayOut.

I’ve seen this one. I know a fix is being worked on.

Properties To Save was extensively reported and acknowledged by SketchUp but as I understand it has been fixed. It didn’t affect me because of my previous workflow.
(I think I’m refering to the correct bug)

The fix for this was in the latest release (I think) but the latest release has broken Export to PDF in Layout which has been extensively reported and acknowledged by SketchUp.