SketchUp 2020

When can we expect SketchUp 2020?

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In my experience the release date is never released before release. Something about Trimble being a public traded company is usually stated but I don’t know.


You may be asking because, up until SU 2018, the new version was always released sometime in November. That all changed with SU 2019 which was only released early in the year of its name. We are now told new releases will come when they are ready, more or less. That means that we presumably cannot even be sure that there will be a SU 2020. If the gaps between releases start to stretch out, we may start seeing gaps in the sequential numbering.

So, we can hope but we can’t expect.

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Our aim is to release more frequently and continuously.


A great aim.

As long as significant changes are separate installs and can run side by side the old versions I’m all for more frequent releases!

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Still waiting and hoping

SketchUp 2019 wasn’t released until the first quarter of 2019. It could be that 2020 won’t be out until the first quarter of 2020.

so :slight_smile: … any sneak peak preview info something about 2020

cant wait… :sweat_smile:

No one will say anything before launch. Those are the ancient ways.

yes… yes… its one way of doing it :)… although i appreciate are more communicative open approach… maybe even a public roadmap would be nice… or some feature voting poll … anything really… but will see, im sure we are happy in the end! the last releases each had great improvements imho

This has been discussed at length in past years, they will not announce in advance.

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I don’t think publicly listed companies can do that.